LUX  Angel  Eyes

Drive Intelligently


Customer service, full-year product warranty

Unmatched Brightness

LUX patented design and CREE LED's

“I live on an island near Southern Italy. The Angel Eyes arrived in great condition, and were really easy to install.”
- Daniel C.
Isle of Malta

“A soon as I installed Lux Angel Eyes in my sedan,
I could see the difference in brightness with the brand we installed on my wife’s X5. Lux FTW!”
-Jeremy L
Luverne, Minnesota

integrated safety

Thermal and fuse protection

patented technology

delivers increased visibility to on-coming traffic

“I installed the lights and the difference is incredible! This is an excellent product.”
- Will F.
York, PA

“I would rate these head lights a 10/10, they add an extra appeal to the car while still keeping it classy.
Highly recommended!”
- Ralph S.
Rockville, MD

Clean, compact design

makes your car look more like 2012+ models