Q - What is the warranty on these?
A- There is a 1-year warranty on all LUX Products

Q - What is the return policy?
A- Please click on the Returns link at the bottom of the page

Q - Whats new with these compared to the LUX H8 160's?
A- The new LUX H8 180 utilize the newest Cree LED's allowing for 15% more output.  Also a new glass shield protects the LED's during install

Q - Do the lights dim at all?
A- No we have designed these to compensate for the dimming feature and they will stay at full power

Q - How long will these last?
A- These lights are designed with the highest quality components are are designed to last for many years. We have some of our original sets still in operation from 8+ years ago

Q - Will they cause any errors or warning messages?
A- No these will not cause any warning, errors, or onboard messages

Q - How do these compare with the LUX H8 V5?
A- The LUX H8 V5 adjustable color from 5,000k - 12,000k and produce 1200 Lumen. The LUX H8 180 a fixed 7000K color and produce 1800 Lumen